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Lohan Rest House Ranau

Lohan Rest House Ranau
Blok 3, Km 11,
Jalan Ranau - Poring Hotspring,
Peti surat 532,
89308 Ranau, Sabah.

088 879533
019 5444357 (Joe)
019 5336238 (Azizah)

Fax: n/a

Website: Lohan Rest House

No. Of Rooms: 23 Furnished Rooms, each with individual bathrooms.
Price Range: RM50 - RM150

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  1. Hey that is very helpful info... thanks a lot. I will be visiting Malaysia on a trip next month thanks to an offer I found here ( ) that will slash my expenses down to $50 a night only. Can't wait to be there... - Vincent

  2. Hi Vincent...glad the info help you a bit.. my family actually recently staying there..they found it very comfy place and nearest to the hot spring porring and the fish massage..

    I hope next holiday can visit that place...

  3. Found this place. strategically located.

  4. ada orang cakap hotel nie so HOT huuhhh... i cant believe huhuhu...

  5. so hot maksud apa? sy nak buat trip ni

  6. 30 july still available for 2 person in 1 standard room ?

  7. is the price correct rm50 per night ? we're going to rent there as if rm50 per night

  8. Please make a call to the refer number before assuming you will get available room with price RM50. I've been there before, try to walk in but all room were full lastly ended make only a day trip and return back to KK.

  9. Admin,
    upload pic resthouse dan persekitarannya yg terkini...

  10. Hi Jun, i forgot to snap a picture while am there last time.. am away right now.. may be you can just visit theirs website at

    Hope it help.. the place is nearest to porring.. may be next time i will make my early booking before going there..huhuhu.. my parents staying there last time and managed to get price rm50.. but am not.. huhuh..